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Music Theory for Beginners (Evan Boegehold)

Want to get better at music theory and don’t know where to start? Come learn the basics of notation and chord structure.

Intermediate Music Theory (Evan Boegehold)

his class is for anyone who feels they have a good grasp of the basics and wants a more in-depth understanding of music theory. If you already know how to read a key signature and tell if a chord is major or minor, but aren’t practiced at chord analysis, progressions, and cadences, this might be the class for you.

Advanced Music Theory (Evan Boegehold)

Develop your theory understanding with secondary dominants, borrowed chords, voice leading, or other advanced topics.

Sight-Reading for Barbershoppers (Megan Dougherty)

We can’t teach you how to sight-read in one day, but we can help you get started! Learn what it takes to become a sight-singing master and get great tips and resources to help you develop this important barbershop skill.

Vocal Technique (Ben Lowe)

Sing better and longer by learning healthy vocal technique principles from an expert teacher.

Vocal Technique for the Aging Voice (Ben Lowe)

Older voices can be harder to control. Learn how to reduce the effects of age on your voice so you can keep singing long into retirement!

Tune it or Die (Jay Dougherty)

Come learn from the master of tuning what it means to be really “in tune”! In this class, you will learn the mechanics of perfect tuning through advanced software and creative learning methods.

Become the Most Improved Quartet (Jay Dougherty)

Ready to take your quartet to the next level? Learn new rehearsal techniques and strategies to make rapid improvements.

Climb the Ladder to Success (Megan Dougherty)

Find out how perception affects performance.

Inter-chapter and Community Collaboration  (Tony Sparks)

Get the whole world singing by building relationships with other chapters and groups in your community! Reaching out will help build your own chorus while fostering music and service in your area. Legendary Tony Sparks will be sharing the amazing things happening New Mexico and giving you the tools to make a difference!

Conducting for Frontline, Assistant Directors, or Section Leaders (Jay Dougherty)

Stand with confidence in front of your chorus with these conducting techniques.

Energize! (Megan Dougherty)

Learn how to keep up your energy and feel great in those long rehearsals.

Showstopper! Logistics of a Perfect Production (John Elving)

Learn how to put on a show that will bring your audience to their feet! Hint: It’s more than good music.

Finding Your Expressive Personality On Stage (Megan Dougherty)

Really express your music to create a stunning, genuine, and personal performance.

Coaching Under Glass (Royce Ferguson, Evan Boegehold)

Witness quartets improve under the coaching of a master instructor.

Warm Ups: The Gateway to Vocal Success (Evan Boegehold)

Warm ups can make all the difference in singing! Learn how to create and use effective vocal warm ups.

Demystifying the Music Category (Evan Boegehold)

Figure out what those music judges are really looking for and bump those Music scores!

What’s In The Performance Category (John Coffin)

Learn all the secrets of the new Performance Category!

All You Need To Know About Barbershop In ONE Tag (Ben Lowe)

Really? Is it that simple?

Private Voice Lessons (Ben Lowe and Stevie Dugdale)

Individual vocal attention in small groups

Private Conducting Lessons  (Jay Dougherty and Stevie Dugdale)

Are you a frontline or assistant director? Or are you a Joe Barbershopper that wants to further his directing  abilities? Register in advance for these high-quality, private conducting lessons- additional fees apply

Coaching   (Royce Ferguson, Tony Sparks, Jay Dougherty, Evan Boegehold, Ben Lowe, Rod Sgrignoli, John Coffin, Stevie Dugdale)

Sign up for coaching sessions for your quartet or chorus- additional fees apply[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]