Look, no one loves paperwork. So, the least we can do is gather everything that you need to run your chapter in one place. And, if you need something that’s not here, hit up the Leadership Team or the Webmaster! We are here to help.

From the District Secretary:

The District Secretary is here to help with any of the administrative and legal aspects of running your chapter. Please read below for a summary of what’s required.
All chapters have are required to be current on 4 annual filings, 3 of which are compliance reports with BHS:
1. Secretary of State Periodic Report
2. IRS 990
3. BHS Financial Review
4. ASCAP  (not a BHS compliance report)
The Periodic Report is to maintain “Good Standing” as a non-profit corporation in your State. It is filed online, and the document should be uploaded to the BHS Member Center.  There is enormous legal and fiduciary protection as a non-profit corporation, including the BHS insurance coverage that all chapters pay for.  Due (annually or bi-annually) on your corporation anniversary date.
As a non-profit corporation most chapters have zero tax liability and file a postcard 990 to the IRS. Despite owing nothing, ALL chapters must file annually. Failure to file is penalized by the IRS. Once you have filed with the IRS, upload the document to the BHS Member Center. Due on May 15.
BHS maintains the non-profit corporation umbrella which all chapters are under, and does so by generating a composite financial report reflecting the aggregate finances of all chapters which are submitted through this simple self-administered annual audit.  Complete the document and upload it to the BHS Member Center. Due March 15.
Because we engage in singing, ASCAP license (and BMI / SESAC show license) cover royalties for the composers and arrangers (along with ownership of legal sheet music). BHS has negotiated a standard annual ASCAP fee (or a calculation table if your annual revenue exceeds the standard limit). Send the form and payment directly to BHS, due Dec 31 (grace period extended if you use the calculation table accounting for late December revenue). 
BMI / SESAC show license is submitted to the District Secretary, who signs it and sends to BHS. The form can be downloaded from the District website. Only one paper copy is required. Please enclose an EMAIL address to have the signed license returned to you. Check payable to BHS.  Send form to:
RMD Secretary
c/o Tony Pranaitis
12713 West 8th Avenue
Golden, Colorado 80401
Shows cannot conflict with major BHS events, RMD events, and chapters should respect neighboring chapter show dates.
Chapter Officers need to be updated annually on the BHS Member Center. The District Secretary can no longer assist with this process. If you need help, call Customer Support in Nashville at 800 876 7464.  The chapter President is the default member of the House of Delegates, which authorizes business transacted on behalf of the Association of Chapters in the District. The House of Delegates meets twice annually.

Rocky Mountain District Documents