Barbershopper of the Year

2019 Barbershopper of the Year – Mark Andromidas

As ChMark Andromidas 2019 BOTYairman of the 2019 BHS International Convention, a project that began in 2017, Mark coordinated the function of the four chapters in the Wasatch Mountain area, facilitated their working together, coordinated their interaction with east front chapters, and was able to create a good working relationship for the purpose of pulling off the International Convention and contest. Where rifts had existed in the past, he facilitated good communication and cooperation. This proved to be exceptional leadership and vision for future achievements of the District. He worked with the Church of Latter Day Saints to coordinate use of their outstanding facilities for performance venues and volunteering of church missionaries to staff our events.
The Rocky Mountain District was honored to host the 2019 International Convention and, from top to bottom, everyone was amazed and delighted by the fluid operation of hundreds of synchronized volunteers mainly from within the RMD, and all of that success is to Mark’s credit. At the closing conference, Dusty Schleier, Director of Meetings and Conventions for the BHS, had just one question: “How did you close the gap in volunteer needs leading up to the convention?” He responded that persistent, frequent, kind communication paid off and the great people of the SLC area and extended Rocky Mountain District membership and beyond in the BHS responded to the call.
Mark is a pillar in the Wasatch Front Chapter, currently serving the Saltaires as Music Vice President, Youth Harmony Day Chairman, Annual Show Chairman, and Chorus Manager. He has had three terms as Music VP and two terms as President of the chapter in the past 15 years. Congratulations to the 2019 RMD Barbershopper of the Year, Mark Andromidas!

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